Preconstruction Services

Wright Construction’s operating philosophy is to deliver value through relentless service. Relentless service starts with the Pre-construction services of any construction project. This is when the real value of Construction Management should be realized. Value starts with the Wright processes and ends with the Wright people. Wright Construction’s dedication to delivering results that are repeatable and predictable are supported by the processes we have in place and mandated on every project we deliver.

When considering options analysis, you are really summarizing the other services that occur during Wright Construction’s pre-construction services. Value Engineering, Life Cycle Cost Analysis, and Constructability Analysis are all elements of Options Analysis that will be provided for our clients. Options analysis can cover materials, time, cost, approach, site issues or constraints. The key differentiator for Wright Construction Group in handling options analysis as well as other pre-construction services is our depth of knowledge and the years of experience of our staff.

Wright Construction Group has developed a unique differentiation in the Florida Marketplace that enables us to excel in delivering a high-value project in the specialized disciplines of building and civil construction. One key element is our process for design review which is called Redi-Check. Redi-Check is a systematic review of the design documents that flushes out errors and omissions through a series of check lists and overlays. Wright Construction has set a policy of performing Redi-Check on all CM projects during the pre-construction phase of the project prior to the preparation of the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). This system in and of itself is not necessarily unique to Wright Construction Group, but our application and results are. First, we utilize the services of our own in-house staff assigned to the project as an additional check and as a way to learn the project. This is company policy and part of our documented processes at Wright Construction Group. The results are typically amazing.

Wright Construction eliminates surprises through Redi-Check and incorporates all of this work into the GMP. If the Design Team cannot provide responses to all of the issues before bid day, Wright Construction will assign values to each of the issues in order to protect the Owner from future change requests.

It is important to the team at Wright Construction Group to be good stewards of the client's budget during the pre-construction phase through Redi-Check and then through the preparation of detailed subcontractor scopes and our buyout process - all to lay the foundation of a fiscally responsible project.

Wright Construction Group's goal is "0" contractor initiated change orders on all construction management projects. When we submit a Guaranteed Maximum Price, our clients can have confidence that the project will remain within the cost structure.

One of the first steps in our program is the establishment of the Preliminary Budget. Wright Construction will immediately begin to work with the design team to review any preliminary budgets that have already been established based on drawings and specifications to date. This step would include items such as:

  • Review the Design Documents for Constructability & Practicality
  • Review the Design Documents for Errors, Omissions, or Conflicts
  • Review the Materials for Pricing and Availability
  • Review the Design Documents for Possible Value Engineering Options
  • Provide Life Cycle Analysis to Ensure Durability & Value, Not Only Price
  • Create Conceptual Construction Schedules Based on Design Documents to Expose any Potential Time Conflicts & Ensure Compliance with the Owner’s Schedule

Wright Construction approaches these items from three fronts: First, the use of the Wright Construction Team and the experience and knowledge that comes with it; secondly, the use of historical data developed from recent, similar projects and finally, the use of subcontractor participation. This “three front” approach ensures:

  • Up-to-Date Means & Methods
  • Current Labor & Material Pricing
  • Code Compliance

If the project is early enough in design, multiple budgets can be prepared in order to ensure the design team is keeping the project within the established budget. Variances will be shared with the team, and if necessary, we will work with the design professional to bring the project back into budget.

Throughout the Value Engineering process, the term value does not always mean lower cost; however, it should reflect the best "value" for a given cost. The Wright Construction Group team will be using the following tools for each Value Engineering review:

  • Regularly meeting with the Design Team throughout the design process
  • Constructability & Scheduling
  • Durability & Functionality
  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Quality Level vs. Value Offered & Budget Impact
  • Specifically Review Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing (M.E.P.) Components with Subcontractors
  • Compare Components to Recently Completed & Past Projects

Value Engineering items that pose a better value to the client will be presented, in writing, detailing the alternative method, budget impacts, schedule impacts, and value implications.

Construction analysis and planning is an analytical, creative and strategic review focusing on the most important factor to the overall success of a Construction Project – A GREAT START. Sounds simple, but these three words can be the difference in extra cost and months of time even for small projects.

Thorough, comprehensive planning is the foundation of construction. The quintessential element in planning a project is the constructability review, which is a thorough analysis of the Construction Documents. Wright Construction Group staff walks step by step through every facet of the construction process, analyzes every detail, weeds out RFI’s and potential change orders, identifies value engineering opportunities, identifies and solves the ever important waterproofing issues, identifies potential scope problems and solves difficult coordination issues. Wright Construction creates a plan of attack by solving difficult issues before they develop into costly problems or project delays.

Wright has extensive expertise in reviewing and analyzing the contents of the construction documents. We raise the bar on our competition in two very dramatic and valuable ways.

First, we are not only experts at reviewing and analyzing the contents of the construction documents, we are experts at identifying and solving problems that are missing from the construction documents. We have the ability to see what’s not there.

Secondly, we are not merely experts in analyzing documents with respect to the Construction Manager's specific role in the project. Wright is an expert in analyzing the documents with respect to all aspects of the project from the perspectives of the Client, Architect and Construction Manager as well.