Prime Contractor

Services, as a Prime Contractor, are available to Clients that need a General Contractor that also has the ability to self-perform critical tasks relating to the project while subcontracting some of the work to other firms. Wright Construction is active in the hard bid market and knows the real costs for relevant work. As a Prime Contractor, Wright has a "hands-on" understanding of what it takes to get a project completed.

One of the major benefits of hiring a Prime Contractor is the direct communication between the client and the contractor with all responsibilities clearly executed in a contract. Subcontractors report to Wright Construction Group allowing Wright to manage all elements of the work to ensure a successful project.

Another benefit of a Prime Contractor is controlling the schedule. When Wright is able to use their own crews and equipment, it is easier to control the sequencing of the work. No time is wasted waiting for subcontractors or equipment to become available. If a subcontractor is unable to complete the work or is falling behind the schedule, Wright as the prime contractor can step in to assist or complete the work on time.

Wright Construction Civil Staff have certifications, licenses and the previous knowledge and experience that qualify them to complete a variety of civil, industry specific construction projects as the Prime Contractor.